What we Do?

Innovation, Research & Consultancy

With experience in many indusrties such as banking, energy, agrifood, massive consumption and so on

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Blockchain solution for the energy industry. Green.

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Business & Risk Alert

Blockchain solution for hekp the business to manage alerts and risks.

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Banking & Finance

With more than 10 years of experience in different electronic channel for banking.

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Food chain & Agrifood solutions

Blockchain based solution for monitoring the metrics in the agrifood industry. Animal welfare and so on.

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Metaverse, 3D & Virtual Turism

How to deal with the new world of blockchain, metaverse, NFT and so on.

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Why our Consulting?

Because we love to involve in the field. Understanding the pain of our customers and proposing new and simple solutions for them. We don't have limits and we involve with sofisticated technologies that few professionals know integrate.

About Us

SmarThinking Suite

Value Added Workshop

This workshop is oriented to executives, directors, managers, leader, developers and any person being part of the business processes in the company who require top be training in the fundamental information of blockchain.
This workshop is oriented to business process people, technical and innovatiom staff who are wanting to see how this new technology can be applied in the company or industry to create new added value.
In the workshop we will show how is possible to combine different technmologies called 4.0 to create new value added solution; for example: blockchain with IoT opr AI.

"Innovator" Team

Marco Arias

Innovation leader

Horacio Arias

Business Solutions